Today I am telling you about How to create Photoshop desing sales graph stock graphics in photoshop.

[1] Take a new file of 500 pixels, 500 pixels, of resolution 72 dpi in the RGB mode.

[2] Now create the following shape with the help of ‘Polygonal Lasso Tool’ open a new layer fill the selection with #b68608.


[3] Take the "Dodge Tool" Photoshop-desing-sales-graph-stock-graphics2   & then Highlight the following parts as shown below do not ‘D’ select.


[4] Take the "Burn Tool"Photoshop-desing-sales-graph-stock-graphics4 & then move the selection with Down Arrow Key, now press Cntl+Shift+I,
create the following Shading with the help of Burn Tool.


[5] Create a new layer [this layer should below previous layer] and then create a new shape
with the help of "Polygonal Lasso Tool" fill that layer with #fce652.


[6] With the "Dodge Tool" & then Highlight the following parts as shown below.


[7] Now like this create the others with above techniques.


[8] Hope you will make modifications and make a more better.


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